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Post  spitfire_ on Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:37 pm

Name: Djordy

Age: 16

Why Should You Become A (Admin or Mod):
I am very helpfull and kind to other players
I have a lot of experience to be part of a staff team on a server.
I will not abuse my 'powers' as a staff member

Do you think you deserve it?
I don't know if i deserve it... it is up to the owner and other staff members to decide if i get a spot in the staff team or not

How Long Have You Played?
i played it on the day it was online, but then it got offline and now i back

Are you helpful around the community?
Yes, i am and always will be.

A little About You:
I like to play basketball and ps3 Razz. I also can be onlne very much because i dont have to go to school alot Smile

I hope to get the staff position

Thanks for reading,
Spitfire_ Smile


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