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Post  Lucy on Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:06 am

Just to say, I know i'm just short of a week but i've spent alot of time,work and effort here:P

Name: Lucy


Location: UK

Hobbies/Interests: Coding, Developing forums, Sports, Reading books, Working and playing Fabulosity:P

Tell me a little about yourself: I go to college, i'm on a level 3 sports course.. I'm not sure what i want to do when i'm older but i have 4 months left until i finish my course so i should think about it:P Ummm.

Amount of time able to dedicate to server: Sounds sad but at the moment, atleast 8 hours if not more:P

Contributions to the server: I've coded the forums, recently coded crowns for all usergroups/ranks on the CSSstylesheet, Which is being a pain but is working, I can code 639s and i've offered some coding for fixes.. I bring players and gain us votes;P

How can you help the server: I can bring players gain votes, code in-game and on the forums even more help whenever help is needed, punish those who don't follow the rules and abuse things that shouldn't be abused

Active on forums?: As i've said i'm on about 8 hours if not more in-game and forumms:p

Thanks for reading


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