When Dramatix was Nulled

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When Dramatix was Nulled Empty When Dramatix was Nulled

Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:32 am

Okay... so when I played on Deo for those two days... I gave my pass to Raw Empire so he could use the donator zone.
When he was doing something, Danny jailed and kicked him nulling his inventory and I lost all my charms 300 ea (like 600 for blues and crims),
like 60k spirit shards, and like 14k chins.
Idk why the donator shop for chins isn't working for me... but those 14k chins would be super helpful to get back.
I already got my charms back well most of them... but I didn't get my spirit shards. At first, I wanted them for 2b summoning
and I will eventually get 2b banked... but for now I just wana get that armadyl crozier thing. With my charms back, I can afford it.
I could nolife jad for the tokkul, but he's a pain since he hits through prayer.

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