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Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:12 am

Hey guys... if you didn't already know my goal on the server is to get 50b total exp by reaching the maximum cap of 2b in every skill.
This will be very hard unless I do not get the maximum xp\hr ingame...
For mining I will be doing powermining where I drop the ores...
OFC that will screw me for smithing... so that's where you guys come in...
This is my skilling resource price list and I have no cap on what I will buy (this will continuously be updated):

Pure Essence: 280gp ea
Copper (or) Tin: 150gp
Bronze Bar: 500gp
Iron ore: 300gp
Iron bar: 700gp
Coal: 1k
Steel bar: 2.2k
Mithril Ore: 1.4k
Mithril Bar: 7k
Adamant Ore: 3k
Adamant Bar: 9.3k
Rune Ore: 3.7k
Rune Bar: 10.8k
Maple Log: 410gp
Yew Log: 700gp
Magic Log: 890gp
White Berries:600gp
Dragon Scale Dust: 750gp
Wine of Zamorak: 900gp
Potato Cactus: 1050gp
Crushed Bird's Nest: 1250gp
Papaya Fruit: 1700gp
Cadantine Potion (unf): 700 [350 for clean herb, 300 for grimy herb]
Lantadyme Potion (unf): 850 [425 for clean herb, 375 for grimy herb]
Dwarf Weed Potion (unf): 1000 [500 for clean herb, 450 for grimy herb]
Toadflax Potion (unf): 1300 [650 for clean herb, 600 for grimy herb]
Super Energy Potion: [1]=200gp, [2]=500gp, [3]=1k, [4]=4k
Grimy Torstol: 17.5k
Clean Torstol: 20k

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