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Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:49 am

Hey guys, so besides this private server... I am intensly involved in runescape.
I don't have an xbox or a playstation and I don't use my minecraft account anymore... so my videogame = runescape & fabulosity.
I have two youtube channels for them
Runescape = Youtube.c0m/rsdramatix
Fabulosity = Youtube.c0m/fabulosityrsps
Atm my fabulosity one only has one video, and that's because of a combination of tihngs (I am sick, grounded, lost computer, and need to work on school)... but my runescape one has like 170 vids?
Idk... I enjoy fabulosity more than runecape but I'm not gonna put all my eggs in one basket (or so old people say).
Idk... I love fabulosity and runescape at the same time and I want to be active in both but ofc I have to get good grades and all that crazy poop.
Anyways, it would be a great honor if you could atleast subscribe to the fabulosity channel because i will create guides and updates on that channel.
You can also sub to my runescape one... but I just told you guys about that so you knew what else I was doing. I am not a pro video maker, but I am learning.

I'll cya l8r.

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