Things I have Fixed (explicit)

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Things I have Fixed (explicit) Empty Things I have Fixed (explicit)

Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:54 am

Idk why I am making this... but I feel like I should incase I ever need to rub this in Austin's face...

1) FUCK UP ECONOMY (haha i'm totally joking)
1.5) Tormented Demons
2) Godwars
3) Desert SKYWORMS?? (Idk how to spell 2nd word)
4) Cave Horrors
5) Changed price for fury (or)
6) found a glitch that could've resulted in the cash farming of 700b\hr
7) Skeletal Wyverns
Cool Spiritual Mages

***Cave Horrors and Skeletal Wyverns would've been updated even without me... but it was my nagging towards Fabulous that finally got the change.

***For anyone that knows Spiritual mages are found in the godwars dungeon. It is a slayer task that people had to skip in the past... but my discovery of the godwars has unlocked the ability to slay the hell outta these byotches.

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