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Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:36 am

Hey guys... on real runescape the grand exchange is a trading mechanism where you trade with people but can take a long time to happen.
Ex. Buying Adamant Plateskirt 16k.
It might take a week for someone to sell an adamant plateskirt for 16k, so I lay out the offer. When someone accepts the offer then the deal is met and the person gets an adamant plateskirt while the other person gets 16k.

I hate ingame when I try to buy an item and I say "how much for it" and they reply "idk, what do you want to give me for it". So... I am introducing the Grand Exchange. It isn't instantanious like the one on real rs... but it goes like this:

If you want to buy an item you say "B<(item)-(price)[quantity]"
If you want to sell an item you say "S<(item)-(quantity)"

For instance, if I wanted a dragon med helm for 10m I would say...

If I wanted to sell the dragon med helm, maybe if I was flipping I would say...

I do want to say there is a rule I am announcing before this gets off (if it ever does)
If someone says "S<Dragon_Med_Helm-10m[1]" and then someone offers to buy it... the seller cannot increase the price to 11m for instance. If the deal has already been accepted, the original offer cannot be altered. If no one has offered to buy or sell the item you are trying to buy\sell, you can change the price.

In simple terms:
once a deal has been accepted, there can be no further altering of the price.

-Anyways if this works that is great because it could be a very helpful tool.
Ofc if you are trying to sell something like a feather, I don't suggest selling here... This is mainly for higher tier items that cannot be obtained easily, or for a high quantity of an item. It is up to you for what you want to sell or buy in this topic, but don't suggest anyone willing to buy a vial of water for 10k.

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Grand Exchange (new) Empty Re: Grand Exchange (new)

Post  Lucy on Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:42 pm

Question is, who will use this?Razz nice idea


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