(2013) All Fairy Ring Codes (All 64)

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(2013) All Fairy Ring Codes (All 64) Empty (2013) All Fairy Ring Codes (All 64)

Post  Dramatix on Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:40 pm

As I am finding the codes for Slayer... I got the task werewolfs. They wern't in canfis, so I got a new task. Second time around, I went exploring. I Found them by typing in the fairy ring code BIP. I thought that maybe there was another secret fairy ring code, but there was not anything as special.

I know you probably never even thought of fairy ring codes, becaues they are of least importance for the new coding... but I thought that
it might be cool if one day we can code more custom teleports. I know out of the non-invalids, they are basically the same as runescape...
but when you learn to code them, they could be pretty sexy teleports.

This took a long time... and only BIP was really worth it... but It was worth it in my opinion.

BIP - Giant Spiders, Werewolfs, Mutated Bloodveld,
Armoured Zombie, Wild Dog, Cave Crawler,
At end of tunnel -> cave.
When you enter cave, you get message:
BEWARE OF THIS MONSTER! (skeletal horrow lv 320)
BLP - Tzhaar
BJR - Brimhaven
CIS - Lumbridge Slayer Dungeon
AKS - Feldip Hills
ALS - McGrouber's Woods
AJR - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
DKR - West of Ge (north of lucien house)
DJS - Zanaris
AIQ - Mudskipper Point
DIP - Slayer Tower
CIP - Taverly Dungeon
AIP - Invalid
ALP - Invalid
AJP - Invalid
AKP - Invalid
AIS - Invalid
AIR - Invalid
DLP - Invalid
DJP - Invalid
DKP - Invalid
DLS - Invalid
DLQ - Invalid
DLR - Invalid
DIQ - Invalid
DIS - Invalid
DIR - Invalid
DJQ - Invalid
DJR - Invalid
DKQ - Invalid
DKS - Invalid
AJQ - Invalid
AJS - Invalid
ALQ - Invalid
ALR - Invalid
AKQ - Invalid
AKR - Invalid
CIQ - Invalid
CIR - Invalid
CLP - Invalid
CLQ - Invalid
CLS - Invalid
CLR - Invalid
CJP - Invalid
CJQ - Invalid
CJS - Invalid
CJR - Invalid
CKP - Invalid
CKS - Invalid
CKQ - Invalid
CKR - Invalid
BIS - Invalid
BIR - Invalid
BIQ - Invalid
BKP - Invalid
BKQ - Invalid
BKS - Invalid
BKR - Invalid
BJP - Invalid
BJQ - Invalid
BJS - Invalid
BLS - Invalid
BLQ - Invalid
BLR - Invalid

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