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Post  Dramatix on Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:17 am

Hey guys so for this week I am grounded as most of you know... but I want to start putting together things where the community can join together and go bossing together.
For the skillers or lower level accounts, we can also do minigames or challenges. By challenges I mean...
o Most exp in an hour
o Who can complete fastest slayer task (w\out buying the completion)
o First person to get 1k iron ore
o First person to make 500 overloads.

For bossing events I mean:
o Suicide Dharoking. Idk if most of you know this but dharok armour is barrows equipment that requires 70 attack, strength, and defense. (maybe not strength, but i think so) On this server when you die you keep your items and respawn in the same location you just died at. Dharok's special ability is that it hits higher the lower your hp is. If your hp is 1\990, you can hit above one thousand if you are correctly potted and geared up. With the auras and gear on runescape, I have seen people hit above 1,300. That is an insta kill in pvp. Anyways... if we all go to a boss in dharoking gear and just attack continuously. We will all kill the boss fairly quickly. Ofc we can kill the boss with normal gear... but this is more fun Smile

For Minigame events:
o Pest Control Anyone???

-I have not tested any minigames yet because it has seemed to be an xp waste.. but I am looking at the game more in a fun way and I want to enjoy the game just as all of you should. If these are not coded yet I will bug Fabulous until he codes them Smile

Anyways guys if you come up with any ideas just post a follow up to this article.

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